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Over 70 million Americans suffer from a sleep disorder that causes them sleepless nights and tiring days. That is why we created Well Rested Diagnostics, a top-of-the-line sleep center in Houston, Texas with experts in Sleep Medicine to help diagnose and treat your sleep disorder. 

Untreated, chronic sleep disorders can lead to other medical conditions such as stroke, diabetes, depression, heart attack and more.

If you or your partner are suffering from poor or insufficient sleep, get in touch with our sleep experts for a free consultation to determine what are the best options for you, because we truly believe that everyone deserves to feel well-rested.


I was told that I MUST see him!

He’s thorough.

You can tell Dr. Pasha loves what he does.

Get A Definitive Diagnosis In 5-Star Comfort

Sleep studies are the only tool for diagnosing sleep apnea. At Well Rested Diagnosis we combine luxuries comfort, highly-trained sleep specialists, and state-of-the-art technology to ensure you get 5-star treatment and diagnosis.

During your Well Rested Diagnostics superior in-lab sleep study, you will receive:


  • Ultimate Privacy and Comfort – Our sleep center has a 5-star hotel-style setup that provides patients with their own private room equipped with a king or queen-sized pillow-top mattress, Egyptian cotton sheets, cable television and so much more to make your visit as comfortable as possible.  
  • Expert Thorough Diagnosis – Our team includes expert physicians and sleep technicians and that are recognized leaders in the field of Sleep Disorders Medicine and are equipped with the most advanced sleep monitoring equipment to ensure you get the diagnosis you need.   


Well Rested Diagnostics will help you get the relief you deserve.


Medical Director: Dr. Raza Pasha

Our medical director, Dr. Raza Pasha is one of the leading ENT specialists in Houston and is the owner of Pasha Snoring & Sinus Center.

Board-certified Otolaryngologist, Dr. Pasha also holds an additional certification in Sleep Medicine.

Dr. Pasha is an educator at heart and holds several academic appointments, including Clinical Assistant Professor at UTMB School of Medicine. You’ll get that when he speaks with you. It’s a universal comment not only from his patients but also from his rotators as his office is popular for students and physicians alike. Dr. Pasha persistently challenges himself and his rotators to “think beyond what is typical,” so they can help involve their patients in their own personal health.

If you or your partner is having sleep problems from snoring to sleep apnea, the Snoring and Sinus Center can evaluate the nature of the sleep disturbance and help you get a much needed restful sleep by referring you to our sleep center.